Průvodce po
Turistická místa, hlavní pamětihodnosti, trasy a obchody se suvenýry
You can easily explore the main sights of Prague on foot. On the left river bank, you can see the Prague Castle—a former royal castle and present-day Presidential residence, adjacent to the beautiful districts of Malá Strana and Hradčany. On the right bank, there is the Old Town, the former Jewish ghetto of Josefov, and Vyšehrad castle situated several kilometers away.
Prague has a horror story for virtually every stone in the old city. Prague is always included in lists of the world’s most haunted places. Here are 8 things you need to do to feel the mysticism of Prague.

Prague does not have a large, comprehensive museum similar to the Louvre. The riches of the National Gallery and the National Museum are spread across several buildings.

Photo on the cover: Evgeny Viktorovich Dontsov / Photobank Lory
Typical souvenirs from Prague include Bohemian glass, wooden toys, jewelry with garnets, and local spirits
The Czech Republic is one of the top three countries in the world in
terms of beer consumption volumes. The most popular beer is light
lager, although black and tan beer is a local specialty where dark and
light beer are poured in layers in one glass. Canned and bottled beer is
consumed only whenever there is no access to draught beer. Besides,
draught beer in Prague is one of the cheapest in Europe
Prague is famous for its puppet theater and black light theater traditions
The Czech cuisine is rich in fats and nutrients, and is very filling. The most popular dishes include knödels—bread dumplings with gravy, and pork knuckle, better known by locals as pečené vepřové koleno or boar knee. Prague also has Belgian, Mediterranean, and Indian restaurants, as well as mind-blowing desserts and pastries.
Prague is not only about pubs and breweries but also about cozy cocktail bars and posh night clubs.