Beer Paradise

The Czech Republic is one of the top three countries in the world in
terms of beer consumption volumes. The most popular beer is light
lager, although black and tan beer is a local specialty where dark and
light beer are poured in layers in one glass. Canned and bottled beer is
consumed only whenever there is no access to draught beer. Besides,
draught beer in Prague is one of the cheapest in Europe
Potrefená Husa Na Verandáchrestaurace
This is a restaurant serving Czech cuisine in a brewery. Czech cuisine is fatty, rich and very filling. The
most famous dishes are the knödel—bread balls in sauce, and pork knuckle, better known by locals
as pečené vepřové koleno or boar’s knee. Among popular tourist restaurants, the boar knee at this
very restaurant is considered one of the best. Just keep in mind that you’ll never finish the boar knee
alone—it is a feast for two.
Nádražní, 84/43Smíchov, Praha 5, Praha
Pivovarský důmrestaurace
This restaurant at a brewery offers guests a chance to watch the brewing process through a glass wall. Tourists are especially attracted to the exotic kinds of beer offered here, such as banana and coffee beer.
Lípová, 511/15Nové Město, Praha 2, Praha
This is a popular park where locals enjoy having picnics. In the summer, there is a large beer garden here on top of a hill where visitors can admire views of the Prague Castle, drink beer, and eat sausages and pizza.
Praha 2, Praha
From the historical point of view, Žižkov district is an area for the poor, working class, students, and Bohemians—and therefore, great entertainment. This street houses over a dozen pubs with cheap beer and genuine fun. If you are tired of feeling like a tourist and want to drink with the local people, this is the place to go.
U Zlatého Tygrapivnice
This is a real cultural heritage. This pub, called “At the Golden Tiger”, has remained virtually unchanged since the 19th century, being one of the few authentic Czech pubs in the city. Vaclav Havel, the first President of the free Czech Republic, loved coming here and once brought Bill Clinton here for a pint of beer. Curiously enough, this did not turn “At the Golden Tiger” into a tourist attraction. It is still a place enjoyed mostly by locals.
Husova, 228/17Staré Město, Praha 1, Praha