Gifts and Shopping

Typical souvenirs from Prague include Bohemian glass, wooden toys, jewelry with garnets, and local spirits
Havelské tržištěTrhy
This is a market with a great selection of magnets, t-shirts, beer mugs and other typical souvenirs.
Havelská, 511/3aStaré Město, Praha 1, Praha
Manufakturasíť obchodů
This is a Czech cosmetics line for skin and hair care. Its hit is the beer and wine line of shampoos, lotions and other products, which make for a great gift. You can say that the Czechs love beer so much, they even wash themselves with it—although in truth, Manufaktura is much more popular with tourists than locals.

Celetná, 558/12Staré Město, Praha 1, Praha
Botanicusobchod s bio kosmetikou
This product line offers natural cosmetics, soap, bath bombs, and candles. All the products are scented with herbs or essential oils, with an appearance resembling an old pharmacy or potion-making studio.
Týn, 1049/3Staré Město, Praha 1, Praha
Ráj sýrůobchod
Czech cheeses are excellent. The most popular varieties include Hermelin—a soft cheese resembling Camembert, Niva—a blue cheese, Gran Moravia—the local version of parmesan, and Olomoucké Tvarůžky—a delightfully smelly cheese for connoisseurs. Cheese can be purchased at large Ráj sýrů (which means “cheese heaven”) chain stores.
Palladiumnáměstí Republiky, 1078/1Nové Město, Praha 1, Praha
La Formaggeriaobchod
A chain of cheese shops offering mostly local varieties.
Václavské náměstí, 802/56Nové Město, Praha 1, Praha